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Earn rewards and prizes by playing auctions,
installing mobile apps and completing mini surveys.

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What is Casho?

Casho is an app where you can earn rewards
by playing auctions, installing mobile apps, and completing mini surveys.

How much can I earn?

Rewards are unlimited! Play more auctions, complete
more offers, and refer more friends to continue earning
more rewards points!

How can I redeem my rewards?

Casho allows you to redeem your rewards points for
prizes like gift cards, mobile phone load, and bitcoin.


Casho works with many businesses including airlines, retail, supermarkets, and other rewards/loyalty companies. We can work with you to either accept your points on our platform or build custom white label solutions. We can help you drastically reduce your loyalty point liability.

How to join Casho?

Simply install the app and follow prompts. Or enter your email and name right here get started! You can also enter your info here to join the iPhone waiting list!

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