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Kinderdijk Windmills Pisa Tower Badge missing Chichen Itza Taj Mahal Statue of Liberty Badge missing Big Ben Great Pyramid of Giza Badge missing

Badge Parts

Kinderdijk Windmills - Bottom Left Part Kinderdijk Windmills - Bottom Right Part Pisa Tower - Top Right Part Pisa Tower - Bottom Left Part Pisa Tower - Bottom Right Part The Colosseum - Top Right Part The Colosseum - Bottom Left Part The Colosseum - Bottom Right Part Chichen Itza - Top Left Part Chichen Itza - Top Right Part Chichen Itza - Bottom Left Part Chichen Itza - Bottom Right Part Taj Mahal - Top Left Part Taj Mahal - Top Right Part Taj Mahal - Bottom Right Part Saint Basil's Cathedral - Top Left Part Saint Basil's Cathedral - Top Right Part Saint Basil's Cathedral - Bottom Left Part Great Pyramid of Giza - Bottom Right Part Eiffel Tower - Top Left Part Eiffel Tower - Top Right Part Eiffel Tower - Bottom Right Part